photo by loveblushfever (c)

Breeze coming in the window.  Quiet thoughts.   Simple, unadorned images of faint, yet bright memories drifting into and out of view.  What we have to say versus what we have to tell.  Stories have all kinds of beginnings.  I sift through fragments of thoughts, ideas of things, and hold on a little longer to some kind of meaning that continues to elude me.   It feels like I haven’t slept in years.  My keys are still in the door.  I’ve left the coffee on all day.   Laundry’s still in the washing machine.   I’m holding on to the edge of the desk half off my chair.  Either I’m terrified or I’m indecisive.  Regardless, it is the end of something.  I feel that whatever all of this has been is cascading to an end point where I don’t have to do this anymore, where there is no will to put myself through all the drama any longer.  It feels at once relieving, warm and good, and absolutely horrifying.  Anything that ends is this way.  I’m not prepared to embark, to push away from the shore and just float along, no direction, just stumbling through,  on undercurrents, fumes.  Just get on with it.  Inhale.

    • Jingle
    • December 16th, 2010

    love this piece.
    Merry Christmas!
    Hope you well…

    let me know if you wish to attend poets rally week 35.

  1. Yesterday I deleted this blog. Today I re-installed to leave this last message. “All Things Bright & Beautiful” no longer represents who I am.I feel uncomfortable with this blog as it stands.So I deleted it.Life is hard. You know a lot (maybe too much!) about who I am but there is a lot of hard stuff that I have not shared. I worry that eventually I will share too much. It is too easy to write forgetting that there is an audience :)My life is quite bleak right now.I have to haul myself up and focus, focus, focus. I have a new blog :)A blog with definition and discipline. It does what it says on the can…..http://reasonstobecheerful123-lynn.blogspot.comYou are very welcome to join me.Much love, as always.L.x.

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