perceptions.  assumptions.  shades of  Grey.

morose.  deflated.  red ribbons.  sunny days.

cerebral void.  certain uncertainess.

  1. When life becomes more of a question,
    than an answer,
    then I have to pull myself up a notch,
    reach the next rung,
    When a day becomes more of a drudge,
    than a celebration,
    then I have to discover the strength within,
    to find the light.

    I’ve had many dark days and I find that I can write about them but I don’t want to stay there. certain uncertainess.
    I was an optimistic pessisimist. Had to get rid of one part or the other. I like your poem. Made me remember and think.

    • like your response. true though can’t stay in that place though it is warm and a comfort of sorts

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