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Federico Garcia Lorca

NEW SONGS – August 1920

(Vega de Zujaira)

The afternoon says:  “I’m thirsty for shadow!”

And the moon: “I want stars.”

The crystal fountain asks for lips,

the wind, for sighs.


I’m thirsty for scents and for laughter.

Thirsty for new songs

without irises or moons,

without dead loves.


A morning song that can shiver

quiet backwaters

of the future and fill

their waves and silt with hope.


A luminous and tranquil song

full of thought,

virgin to sadness and anguish,

virgin to reverie.


A song skinned of lyric, filling

silence with laughter.

(A flock of blind doves

tossed into mystery.)


A song to go to the soul of things

and to the soul of winds,

resting at last in the bliss

of the eternal heart.


Excerpt from BOOK OF POEMS

Federico Garcia Lorca



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