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emerging.  bringing.  recognizing.  adhering.  landscaping.  administering.

life is a conquest of the heart

everything matters

but nothing is dyer

because everything is clear

and well-jointed- and falling off the bone

a labour of love.





over the edge

of a tall place

thinking, hell, why not?

but also why bother?

it’s all a chore

something to be crossed off but it’s somebody else’s list

i’m fumbling along with adverbs

they’ve already dictated my epitaph

i’m not sure if i should be amused or outraged

this is the extent of my involvement in my life

i just breath and get on with it

apparently there’s this whole other realm

of participation


it’s just me breathing

summer gone, remember, oh the things we didn’t get around to doing……

black tie beach affair…improv everywhere

ghostbusters improve everywhere at the new york public library

slo-mo home depot…..improv everywhere

no pants subway ride

my new favourite thing. improv everywhere

another random operatic moment

random acts of culture

i love this!

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