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over the edge

of a tall place

thinking, hell, why not?

but also why bother?

it’s all a chore

something to be crossed off but it’s somebody else’s list

i’m fumbling along with adverbs

they’ve already dictated my epitaph

i’m not sure if i should be amused or outraged

this is the extent of my involvement in my life

i just breath and get on with it

apparently there’s this whole other realm

of participation


it’s just me breathing


clumsy heart – stumble often


I woke up with the strangest of feelings;

neither good nor bad, neither big nor small

just this undeniable peacefulness.

I am warmed all over knowing  it will be easy

to find something good and worthwhile today

with little to no searching involved

unlike my childhood, or my sense of future planning.

But even as I think these idle thoughts

whilst savoring  my pot of coffee

and watching  the sky brighten,


My heart quickens, like a far away train that suddenly arrives.

An inevitable panic.

How long can this last?

This my strange and long awaited contentment?

This lingering solitude where I am everything all at once

and I am good?

I race through the rooms of my mind,

slamming doors as I go,

hysterically searching for some looming catastrophe,

not merely because everything has a price,

but that is part of it of course.

I come to the last of these rooms

where I keep all my most dear thoughts and feelings

my greatest loves, my most tender kisses.

I enter into this room

hand on heart,


But there is no dark cloud,

in fact nothing out of place at all.

I stay awhile,

returning to myself,

and eventually

holding out my hand to that calm sense of peacefulness

so close and reassuring before.

Sometimes life’s just good.

life a culmination / neruda – because

i always start my day with poetry

because i like to think that every breath is its own sort of poetic art form

morning meditation went something like this…..


“flights of the imagination, heart alight and unobstructed

a feeling of timelessness and motion

of building and expanding

of formulating various stratagem

of taking life into the palms of my hands

and warmed sweetly,

and persuading it,

even for a little while

to be still and quiet inside.

So I am found again.”

Other than my own aimless contemplations, Neruda is always welcome company…..

October Fullness

“Little by little, and also in great leaps,

life happened to me,

and how insignificant this business is.

These veins carried

my blood, which I scarcely ever saw,

I breathed the air of so many places

without keeping a sample of any.

In the end, everyone is aware of this:

nobody keeps any of what he has,

and life is only a borrowing of bones.

The best thing was learning not to have too much

either of sorrow or of joy,

to hope for the chance of a last drop,

to ask more from honey and from twilight.”

Excerpt from “October Fullness” found in

The Moon in the Labyrinth by Pablo Neruda

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